International Volunteers

We host dentists, technicians, students, professors and researchers from philanthropic, businesses, non-governmental organizations from many countries.

Dr. Gerald JATON, Swiss dentist
  • Technician Training: Intramural radiography, scaling techniques (Dental Clinic, November 2016)
  • Assistant and Hygienist Training: Dental chair assistance, dental office asepsis, oral assignments (Dental Clinic, May 2014)
Fidelity International Dental Handpiece
  • Technician Training: Turbine and Hand Piece Repair – Rod FEENEY (Dental Clinic, March 2011)
World Volunteer Overseas
  • Dental Assistant and Hygienist Training – Deborah DOLEFUL, American Hygienist (Dental Clinic, June 2002)
Christian Dental Society
  • Dentist Training and Continuing Education – Dr. Bruce ALBERT and colleagues (Dental Clinic)
Dr. Jewel LANDY, Bermuda
Dr. Fabiola MILORD, United States of America
  • Technical assistance (Dental Clinic)
a-dec Inc.
  • Leigh Ann Englen
Students, School of Dentistry, Dominican Republic