Students, Tufts University
Students, Tufts University



Technician Training - Rod Feeney, Fidelity International Dental Handpiece
Technician Training - Rod Feeney, Fidelity International Dental Handpiece

Starting in 1992  Fondation Max Cadet (FMC) has offered 25 years of access to oral health care in Haiti with great quality of service.

Numerous demands for a full range of oral health services call for a competent staff with up-to-date training, especially in complicated cases. Individual or group patients often require preventive care and after-care support.

FMC promotes training as a key component of staff development. In addition to maintaining a very high standard of care, training promotes asepsis in our treatment rooms.

FMC grants staff members time for continuing education seminars, clinical and technical conferences organized for dentists and dentistry professionals. This approach reinforces our commitment to the highest quality of care and ensures long-term sustainability for our oral health services.

FMC trains and certifies teachers and community activists. Their training strengthens our commitment to prevention and oral hygiene.

FMC promotes hands-on training for dentistry students. Our clinics serve as internship and research facilities for Haitian and international students. They are also open to dental professionals who seek to share and gain expertise.


We do hands-on training in partnership with individuals, universities, businesses and philanthropic organizations.

Dr. Gerald JATON, Swiss dentist
  • Technician Training: Intramural radiography, scaling techniques (Dental Clinic, November 2016)
  • Assistant and Hygienist Training: Dental chair assistance, dental office asepsis, oral assignments (Dental Clinic, May 2014)
Fidelity International Dental Handpiece
  • Technician Training: Turbine & Handpiece Repair – Rod FEENEY (Dental Clinic, March 2011)
Dr. Camille REIGNIER, French Dentist
  • Training: Dentists, dental assistants, hygienists (Dental Clinic, May 2011)
Relais France-Europe de la Fondation Max Cadet d’Haïti
– Dr. Étienne PHILIPPE, Advisor
  • Continuing Education: Dentists, Dental Assistants, Hygienists, Prosthetists (Dental Clinic, November 2007)
World Volunteer Overseas
  • Dental Assistant and Hygienist Training – Deborah DOLEFUL, American Hygienist (Dental Clinic, June 2002)
Dr. Étienne PHILIPPE, Supervisor
– Trainers from France and Canada
  • Dental Assistant Training (Dental Clinic, June 2000)
Relais France-Europe de la Fondation Max Cadet d’Haïti
– Dr. Étienne PHILIPPE (Dental School, Toulouse, France)
– Dr. Francis MOUYEN, Inventor, RVG-Radiovisiography (Sté Trophy, France)
  • Prevention Campaign and Oral Hygiene Workshop
  • Dental X-rays Workshop for professors (Faculté d’Odontologie, Université d’État d’Haïti (School of Dentistry), Port-au-Prince, November 1998)
  • Ambulatory Care Clinic Workshop for dentistry students and dentists (Institut Français, Port-au-Prince, November 1998)