Relais France-Europe de la Fondation Max CADET d'Haïti

Dental supplies shipment to Haiti

Relais France FMC Haïti mobilized some 30 volunteers to package dental supplies and materials, including 6000 dental needles, to ship to Fondation Max Cadet (FMC) in Haiti.

The operation was planned for a full day on Saturday, 23 May 2018, but “we were so numerous that we had only half a day of work” explained François-Frantz Cadet, President of Relais France FMC Haiti. Then the volunteers took time for a friendly and lively lunch. 

The next step was a declaration at City Hall for 104 packages, which required 212 handwritten signatures according to customs rules in France.

A team of 6 volunteers placed the packages in the shipping crate and secured it with anti-theft screws. The last step included hoisting the crate onto a platform truck for transportation to the shipping port. 

We, at Fondation Max Cadet, are very proud of the work of our sister organization Relais France FMC Haïti. Thank you to your team of friends and volunteers in France. Our clinic staff and patients have the deepest appreciation for their generosity and effort.

In coming months, we will monitor the impact of the shipment on the delivery of services in the dental clinics. With your help we will continue to ensure that patients continue to have access to reliable and high quality dental services. 

104 packages ready for shipment
Packages are shipped to Haiti in a crate