Dental Clinic

We operate a Dental Clinic in Canapé-Vert, Port-au-Prince. We take a patient-centered and pragmatic approach to our services, especially for high risk groups.

Our Services

  • Free dental care for school children and the poor
  • Affordable dental care for adults

Our Facilities

The Clinic is fully equipped with modern treatment and training rooms, and a laboratory.

Our Staff

The Clinic is well staffed with teams of experienced dentists, hygienists and dental assistants. We value the professionalism of our staff to do our work well. We promote training and staff development to ensure an adequate response to increasing demands for high quality and efficient care.

Our Leadership

The Clinic is a leader in the field of dentistry in Haiti. We lead by the number of patients we treat every day, by the variety and the quality of care, by the professionalism of our dental and administrative staff and by our use of modern technology. 

Our Legacy

We will continue to build beyond our 25-year legacy.

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Here are some our accomplishments in numbers this past year:

  • We did 37,500 on-site procedures.
  • We gave preventive and curative care to 9677 patients.
  • We performed dental exams for 6721 new patients.
  • We offered school children and students 2,000 off-site preventive care treatments.
  • We handled 1500 serious cases for patients from all over Haiti and its most remote areas.